In the Time To Move programme, employees have the opportunity to:

Get to know the realities of other shared services units and departments.

Learn from other professionals in their own field or in another field they believe could add value to their regular activity.

Experience the day-to-day work of other Pestana units located in Continental Portugal and the Islands.

All shared services units and departments can receive and send two employees a year, one each semester for one week, to any Continental Portugal or Island unit or department. The same unit can only receive two colleagues a year, one each semester. 

It is the responsibility of the HR Department to coordinate all the applications, as well as to communicate with the different units in implementing the processes.

At the end of the programme, employees who go to another unit have to implement a good practice they have learned during the training week in their unit of origin.

In the case of shared services, employees who go to another department must write a small report discussing some of the components.