The main purpose of the Growing Together programme is to prepare and train staff for management and leadership roles. Do you want to advance your career and face new challenges? Are you ready to leave your comfort zone and be a successful professional? If the answer is yes, take a look at how you can apply for the programme!

Growing Together allows you to gain all-encompassing knowledge and to acquire and improve your hotel operation skills according to an individually designed development plan, contributing to the future of the Pestana Hotel Group and the career of young talented individuals.

During the programme, participants will be faced with different operational challenges. They will learn to overcome them, one by one, using management tools wherever possible.




Growing Together takes place over a period of about 18 months, split into two stages, the first one lasting 12 months and the second one 6 months.

This is where the greatest challenges arise: the programme can take place outside the geographical area where the candidate resides.

Also, the participant might move between areas during this period, according to the individual development plan and the Group’s needs.

The aim is for the participant to understand the concepts and general operation of the various areas of our organisation. During these first 12 months, therefore, participants will work in departments such as Revenue Management, Reservations, Finance, Human Resources, Maintenance, Sales and Marketing, IT, and Business Intelligence among others.

Participants will also be involved in operational areas which may or may not be the ones most suited to their professional experience. They will also be involved in Groups and Event organisation, initially linking this experience with a stint in Sales and Marketing; Purchasing, Logistics and Accommodation or Food and Drink, depending on their development area, and in hotel products other than those in which they gained their professional experience.

Facing a new challenge, participants will spend this period involved in operational management. This final, six-month stage, will improve the technical knowledge gained until this point, developing leadership experience and completing the participant’s development at a more practical level. In the future, the candidate may assume a more global management role within the Organisation, in particular at Operational Hotel Management level. At this stage, participants will be working permanently with their Mentor. 

Want to learn more about this project and invest in your future? Apply for the Growing Together programme!



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